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6 1⁄2' - 12' Expandable Level

Fournisseur: MILWAUKEE
Produit: MLXP712
Catégorie: Instruments de mesure et de précision

Our MILWAUKEE® REDSTICK™ 6 1⁄2'-12' Expandable Level features a commitment to long life performance with reinforced components protecting the level & expansion system from wear and damage while in use on the jobsite - allowing users to FRAME MORE while requiring NO MAINTENANCE even upon heavy use. The durable lock is inset and protected by the metal ibeam frame and offers easier access & actuation. SHARPSITE™ vial technology offers the industry’s best readability and impact protected durability. Our MILWAUKEE® REDSTICK™ 6.5' – 12' Expandable Level is a dedicated solution for plate-to-plate measurements providing framers and interior systems contractors a 78” level when collapsed, capable of plumbing up to 12’ walls and structures. Our MILWAUKEE® REDSTICK™ Expandable Level demonstrates a commitment to the building trades above and beyond current competitive offerings with long life performance and a no maintenance solution.
  • - Reinforced internal components protect the level from damage or wear upon drop, tip, or heavy use providing long life performance & requiring no maintenance.

  • - Durable inset lock is surrounded by all metal ibeam frame for added protection and optimized placement to avoid pinch points.

  • - SHARPSITE™ VIAL TECHNOLOGY - Best readability. Impact protected.

  • - GUARANTEED LIFETIME ACCURACY - Accurate to .029° ( .0005"/in, 0,5mm/M). In closed position only.

  • - Adjustable extension mechanism for ultimate slide control.

  • - Full grip frame for improved ergonomics in transport & application.

  • - Width: 4.25"

  • - Weight: 13.23 lbs

  • - Length: 78.03"

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